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Facilities / Halls

Proparea hall skeleton

We also offer utility rooms/halls made with frame technology.

They are characterized by low energy requirements for heating the facility. With the right layers of insulation, such an object will reduce the bills by more than half during the heating season, and thus in the summer season will protect the object from overheating.

With low construction costs compared to traditional steel, our facility will be built in 2 weeks. Our buildings in no way differ from the steel ones in terms of static and strength parameters.

The use of appropriate fireproof cladding inside, in the required places, will meet all Fire Safety requirements. We build our buildings on standard foundations as well as on foundation slabs, depending on the purpose.

Healthy microclimate and openness to diffusion makes the object will serve for generations without fear of any moisture and wood rot, and at the same time will make the comfort of use like at home. Quality guarantee on the tightness of roof, walls and the life span of 15 years with the possibility of extension for another 15 years.

It is ideal for people who want to quickly and cheaply build a utility room, car workshop, carpenter’s store, store, wholesale. The facilities are also widely used in the construction of schools, kindergartens, office buildings. We are able to build buildings of any size and up to 4m high.

Price: From 1.400,00 PLN/m2 for closed state

From PLN 1,800.00 per square meter for shell units

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