We provide high-quality installation and finishing services for manufactured houses in five price variants and finishing levels:

  1. Frame of the house plus a roof truss (PLN 1,200.00), which includes:
  • execution of a frame house structure (external wall structure, internal wall structure, ceiling, roof structure).
  • All planning documents that you must submit to the building permit.
  • Fastening parts such as nails, screws, dowels and carpentry fasteners.
  1. Raw open (PLN 2,500.00), which includes:
  • execution of a frame house structure (external wall structure, internal wall structure, ceiling, roof structure)
  • Construction of the foundation (prefabricated point poles / foundation plate).
  • Foundation waterproofing.
  • Sheathing of external walls with 60mm Steico SpecialDry wood fiber board
  • Roof sheathing with 80mm Steico SpecialDry wood fiber board
  • Covering the roof from the outside with Steico UDB membrane, C24 counter battens.
  • Covering the external walls with the Steico UDB membrane (in the case of a ventilated facade plus C24 counter battens, in the case of plaster it is not necessary).

In the case of a wooden floor, there is an additional fee for thermal insulation and protection of the floor against moisture in the amount of PLN 200.00 / m2.

  1. Raw closed (PLN 3,500.00), which includes:
  • In this version, you will get the Stern Open state.
  • Roof sheathing with standing seam / metal roofing tiles / tiles, with guttering and roof sheathing (soffit).
  • Finishing of the plaster facade (in the case of a ventilated facade, there is a surcharge of PLN 200.00 / m2. – Seam sheet metal façade / Siberian larch cladding board. An additional payment in the amount of PLN 550.00 / m2 – The facade is covered with the Kebony facade board, which we are the distributor of ”
  • Made window and door joinery in the Energo + triple-pane package – wooden or aluminum windows and doors.
  • Thermal insulation of internal and external wall partitions, ceiling / attic. Steico Flex 036 mats are used for insulation.
  • Preparation of installation partitions.
  • Execution of a chimney system with roofing.
  1. Developer (4,500.00 PLN), which includes:
  • In this version, you get the Raw state closed.
  • Water and sewage systems, connection to the building (without white installation).
  • Electrical installation with a switchboard, connection to the building (without white installation).
  • Additional insulation of the installation wall to break thermal bridges.
  • Vapor barrier.
  • Closing the walls inside the house (MFP + GK board).
  • Bringing internal walls to be painted.
  • Preparation of cabling for photovoltaics.
  • Distribution of the recuperation installation.
  • Restored ceilings for painting / Stretch ceilings.
  • Removal of the installation for heating (electric and gas underfloor heating, heat pumps).
  • The house has been renovated.
  1. Turnkey (PLN 6,000.00), which includes:
  • This version gives you the developer status.
  • Finishing the floors throughout the house.
  • Bathroom finishing with white assembly.
  • Finishing water installations.
  • Finishing the heating installation.
  • Recuperation installation finish.
  • White electrical installation assembly.
  • Painting the whole house.
  • Execution of drainage installation plus leveling of the area around the building.
  • The house has been restored to the state of furniture and living.
  • The price also includes the assembly of furniture / wardrobes / kitchen.
  • Wooden terraces additionally payable in the amount of PLN 350.00 / m2.

(Given prices for 1 m2 of usable space with the parameter of a passive house).

We also have a cooperative company that arranges gardens, constructs and assembles granite / concrete slabs and cubes.

External walls are made of beams with a cross-section of 4.5 x 19.5 cm

Internal walls are made of a beam with a section of 4.5X9-12 cm

The ceiling is made of a beam with a cross-section of 4.5×22-24cm

A roof truss made of a beam with a cross-section of 4.5×22 cm

Houses made of these sections provide the best stability and excellent thermal insulation.

Depending on your expectations as to the thermal parameter of the house, we will prepare appropriate calculations and simulations of the insulation layers along with drawings and descriptions of individual partitions: walls, floor, ceiling, roof.

Steico systems can be used both with ventilated facades finished with a cladding board, and standard – plastered ones. Both cases are diffusion open.

The layout of the house rooms can be individually changed during the construction process.

We can also provide you with high-quality devices at attractive prices:

  • recuperation.
  • Chimney systems.
  • Solar panels
  • Heat pumps.

If you already have project documents (project) and would like to receive an offer for the house, you can send us an offer.

We usually make such valuations within 2 business days.

We will make any individual house design with any area and number of storeys

Energy efficiency confirmed by the certificate of the Passive House Institute

Our ecological construction products allow for the design and construction of houses in an energy-saving standard, including a passive standard. Solutions for the construction industry offered by STEICO have received a prestigious certificate issued by the German Institute for Passive House. The certification report confirms: The STEICO building system “is suitable for passive houses, because both the heat transfer coefficient U of the external elements is below 0.15 W / (m2 · K) and the criterion of no thermal bridges is met.”

By using our offer, you receive the highest quality products, professionally made with due accuracy. We have many years of experience in the construction of frame houses, confirmed by many references from Scandinavian countries.

We work with many designers, architects and contractors in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. We also have many satisfied customers from Germany who are able to confirm our references.

Feel free to contact me.

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