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High-Energy / Passive House 35m2.

High-energy/passive house 35 m2

It is an ecological house made on the basis of the STEICO wood fiber insulation system with a building area of up to 35 m2, usually on request, but adapted to be modulated in any configuration and number of modules.

Possibility to adapt the roof to local development plans (as a flat or 2-sloped roof). Each arrangement of internal walls can be adapted according to the customer’s needs. The rooms include one or two bedrooms, a bathroom (toilet, shower, washbasin, access to the washing machine), a living room with a kitchenette.

The price includes all construction documents needed to submit a building permit, such as: statics, drawings, sections, views.

Estate: Open state Closed state Development Turnkey

Fabrication of the frame house structure (external wall structure, internal wall structure, ceiling, roof structure)

Construction of the foundation (prefabricated point poles / foundation plate)

Foundation waterproofing

Sheathing of external walls with Steico SpecialDry wood fiber boards from 40mm

Roof sheathing with Steico SpecialDry wood fiber boards from 40mm

Roofing with Steico UDB membrane from the outside, counter patches C24

Covering the external walls with Steico UDB membrane (in the case of ventilated façade plus counter patches with C24, in the case of plaster there is no need)

In the case of a wooden floor, there is a surcharge for insulation and protection of the floor against moisture in the amount of PLN 100.00 / m2

Roof sheathing with sheet metal for standing seam / roof tiles / tiles, including drainage, and finishing of the roof envelope (Soffit)

Finishing of the plaster facade (in the case of a ventilated facade, there is a surcharge of PLN 120.00 / m2.)

The facade covered with a seam sheet / Siberian larch cladding board. Surcharge in the amount of PLN 550.00 / m2

The facade covered with the Kebony facade board, which we distribute kebonypolska.pl

Window and door joinery in the Energo+ 3-pane package - wooden or aluminum windows and doors

Insulation of partitions of external and internal walls, ceiling / attic. Steico Flex 036 mats are used for insulation

Preparation of installation partitions

Execution of the chimney system with roof treatment

Plumbing, connection to the building (without white installation)

Electrical installations with switchboard, connection to the building (without white assembly)

Additional insulation of the installation wall to break thermal bridges

Vapor barrier

Closing the walls inside the house (MFP + G-K board)

Bringing internal walls under painting

Preparation of wiring for photovoltaics

Distribution of recuperation installations

Ceilings brought to the state for painting / Stretch ceilings

Installation for heating (electric underfloor, gas, heat pumps)

House brought to a state for finishing

Finishing the floor throughout the house

Finishing of the bathroom with white assembly

Finishing of water systems


Finishing of the heating system

Finishing of the recuperation system

White electrical installation

Painting the whole house

Execution of drainage installation plus leveling of the area around the building

House brought to the state of furnishing and residence

The price also includes the assembly of furniture / wardrobes / kitchen

Wooden terraces additionally payable in the amount from PLN 350.00 / m2

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